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Motorcycle Enthusiast Envisions Lifestyle Communities for Those That Appreciate Adventure on Two Wheels

Brad Leith, a successful entrepreneur, has always had his fingers in a lot of pies, but his latest project, 5 years in the making, may well be his 'Piece de Resistance'.

An avid motorcyclist and former Harley Davidson dealer in his native Canada, Leith is in the process of developing a series of first-ever resort communities throughout the United States and Canada specifically designed for the upscale motorcycle enthusiast.

This premier unique facility is being constructed in the Datil, NM area.

Leith has formed Vintages Inc., headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. He has put together a team of experts, from real estate specialists and architects to artists and site specific talents, to assure that the ground-breaking concept meets the level of excellence intended.

Vintages Inc.'s flagship community, currently under construction in Datil, is located at an elevation of 7500 feet on 200 pristine acres of Southwest Mountain region, surrounded by thousands of acres of adjacent National Forest and offering spectacular 360 views of the Datil, Magdalena, San Mateo, Tularosa, Mangus and Gallinas Mountains.

"What we envision is a retreat for motorcycle riders that is all inclusive." said Leith, who is planning on building 20 such resorts. "Each facility will have exceptional resort-style amenities including extended-stay rental casitas, private micro-locations, a world class spa, travel and touring services, motorcycle rentals (both new and vintages units), vintage wines, cigar humidors, fine cuisine, concierge services, high-tech communication capabilities, picnic areas, sunrise and sunset viewing patios, training and events arena, an 800 seat amphitheatre for outdoor concerts, a race track for vintage motorcycles and carts as well as a museum; all designed to architecturally blend with the region's natural scenic beauty."

According to Leith (a motorcycle enthusiast since he was 10 years old) there are over 12 million motorcycle riders in North America and it would take a very small percentage of those to make this venture a success.

"This is the first time anyone has given thought to providing quality accommodations for motorcycle riders," said Leith "Golfers, tennis players, boaters and RV aficionados, all have extensive social communities and clubs where they gather with like-minded people, but motorcyclists don't have that same opportunity," said Leith. "We want them to come for the day and stay for the weekend."

The ground-breaking concept calls for a one-time membership fee, along with a small yearly renewal. Each location will have 3000 Gold Memberships and an unspecified number of Associate (social) Memberships who will have partial use of the facilities and privileges. A very few "Founders Memberships" will be afforded, which will identify members wishing for the exclusive privilege of committing to the support and success of Vintages Datil Mountain Resort as well as personalized accommodation, parking, and a host of other unique specified benefits.

Leith, who serves as president of Vintages Inc., is joined by Vice President Renee S. Schaefer, President of landscape architecture and design firm, Outside Views LLC, located in Tucson, Arizona, and a fan of two-wheel touring.

"Other projects under way to accompany the basic concept are an upscale motorcycling magazine aimed at members and non-members alike and an exclusively designed line of motorcycle riding apparel and accessories," said Leith. "Vintages will reflect the motorcycle-centered lifestyle."

Leith adds that once a person becomes a member, they will be able to not only use the Vintages community in their area, but will have the option of traveling (by car, air or motorcycle) to sister communities across the country. Once on site, the member-guests have the option of staying in a casita as well as renting a motorcycle to tour the area.

"Upscale motorcyclists like to associate with each other and they are frequently not treated well when they walk into fine restaurants and lounges in their leathers," said Leith. Our intention is to provide the same facilities and amenities that our clientele would access during their everyday routine or at least on vacation or business travel.

Vintages comprehensive plan for the Datil location calls for the resort to be surrounded with exclusive residential developments consisting of a combination of single-family homes, casitas, and customized RV lots; a replica track of historic significance designed for both training and vintage events as well as carts and a motorcycle museum that would not be connected directly with the resort, although would share member benefits. "The only criteria", says Leith, "is that owning a motorcycle license would be mandatory".

For more information, contact Brad Leith at or call 520-820-5851