Who owns and Operates Vintages Datil Mountain Resort?
Vintages Datil Mountain Resort is a private members club owned and operated by Vintages Inc. and GOMP Properties LLC for the benefit of it’s members and stake holders.

What amenities does Vintages Datil Mountain Resort offer?
Apart from the incredible scenic mountain views and landscapes, our club offers year round heated pools and hot tubs, a fully paved classic design motorcycle track, commercial condos for motorcycle and cart repair and storage, a spacious 4 seasons clubhouse with multiple dining and banquet areas, the very rare Rail Lounge, a converted stainless steel dining rail car from the V & O Rail line circa 1950’s,complete with Piano Bar and lounge. The Piñon and Juniper outside lounges. A complete and world class Spa with multiple disciplines and a commitment to our mantra “For a Healthy Inside, Go Outside”. Sunrise and Sunset recluse areas where you can sip a Starbucks and watch the sun rise or enjoy a Margarita to a magnificent western sunset. The absolutely unique “Vintages Garage Mahal” a place were your motorcycle will be garaged during your stay after it has been cleaned and detailed. A replica of the old glass-doored service garages resplendent with posters and memorabilia and a place to mingle and “jaw” stories and legends of past adventures. Casitas and Villas all designed with your first class accommodations in mind and so much more in this Mountain Oasis.

Is Membership in the Club limited?
To ensure our members enjoyment of the Community’s outstanding facilities at all times membership is limited to 3000 Gold members. No real estate ownership is required for membership.

Who in my family will be entitled to use the Club Facilities?
The primary member, his/her spouse and unmarried children of either spouse, who are under 23 but over 18, in the military, living at home or attending school on a full time basis, enjoy the Club facilities on the same basis as the member. Children under 18 must be accompanied by one of their parents when they attend the facility. The ability to spend quality time with members of your family is of paramount importance and Vintages strives to provide a pleasant country club environment. The Club provides programs and activities that are appealing to family members of all ages including motorcycle operation training and advanced operation courses.

May I bring guests to the Club?
Yes. Having your friends enjoy the Club’s facilities with you is a benefit of Vintages Datil Mountain Resort. Members are encouraged to invite guests to the Club subject to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Club. The member must accompany all guests. Guest privileges are limited to a maximum of 2 guests per month and no guest may be invited more than twice within 1 calendar year without becoming a member.

Does Vintages Datil Mountain Resort offer reciprocal privileges to other Facilities?
Vintages anticipates developing a further 10 similar resorts over the next decade and its intentions are for all members to have unlimited reciprocal benefits based upon availability, to all such venues as they become available. Vintages is also in the process of developing a relationship with several companion resorts to allow reciprocal benefits, again based upon availability.

Do I need to own a motorcycle to join Vintages Datil Mountain Resort?
No. But we think you would definitively have a great deal more fun! You can also rent motorcycles both new and Vintage motorcycles for your enjoyment
Does Vintages Datil Mountain Resort have a food and beverage minimum?
Yes. Vintages Datil Mountain Resort currently has a $1000 annual minimum for food and beverage combined. The Club reserves the right to change the amount of the minimum requirement.

How are Club membership fees determined?
Vintages Datil Mountain Resort’s Board of Directors is responsible for determining fees and deposits. Annual fees and renewals are also determined by the board of Directors.

Do you accept priority applications?
Yes. When there is a waiting list for memberships, there are two lists (the “A” and the “B” List). Those listed on the “A” list shall be given priority consideration for membership over those listed on the “B” List, as memberships become available.

Who qualifies to be placed on the “A” List?
A prospective member buying a residence from a member of the Club or Vintages Inc., regardless of whether the member resigns, shall have the right to apply for membership to the Club and be placed on the “A” List for membership consideration, if the application for membership is made not later than 60 days following the closing of the purchase of a residence. Additionally, applicants who own and occupy a residence or purchase a lot in the Vintages Datil Mountain Resort Estates, shall be placed on the “A” list for member consideration.

Who qualifies to be placed on the “B” list?
All other applicants shall be placed on the “B” List.

If I am interested in acquiring a membership, what should I do?
If you have any questions, you may contact Renee Schaefer, Membership Director, at memberships@vintagesresorts.com. Renee will be happy to provide you a membership package including an application for membership at Vintages Datil Mountain Resort.
Vintages will be hosting several “Open House” venues over the next 6 months at the site in Datil and wish to extend an invitation to you and your friends to join us for these events. Please consult the web site at  www.vintagesresorts.com   for further information and a special pre event invitation which includes opportunities for special bonus gifts and free membership draws.