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Your Passport to the Road Less Traveled Toll Free
Explore the private oasis at the end of your ride.

Imagine an exclusive resort that caters to your lifestyle as a motorcycle enthusiast—A retreat that welcomes you after a long days ride.

A venue to enjoy the camaraderie of others who share your enthusiasm for motorcycle adventures.

A place with all the amenities of a private country club, vintage wines, fine cuisine and yet understanding your passion for riding your bike—feeling then wind against your face and experiencing the freedom of the road.

Imagine no more. Vintages is a lifestyle for motorcycle enthusiasts and a place to meet like-minded cohorts after an all day ride. Enjoy an extraordinary dinner surrounded by nature in its most spectacular form. Vintages is a place with all the amenities you’d expect from a private resort. A place wear boots and leather are not only appropriate, they a requisite attire!

Come for breakfast, stay the weekend.

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